Signature Cup Series Rules

-Practice is to be used for racing/learning/testing purposes only.
-Practices will be 30 minutes long unless otherwise stated

-Session is an open qualifying session.
-Drivers are to stage on pit road with their vehicles off and spectate until they are called to stage at the end of pit road.
-Drivers are not to proceed on to the track unless released by race control.
-Qualifying will be 2 laps unless otherwise stated. The pole winner will be awarded 5 bonus points and has the choice of inside or outside row for the start of the race.
-No eols will be given at the start of any race. if you want to start in the back, do not qualify.
-Exit the pits in a safe manner. If you cross the yellow lines and enter the race course before you reach the blue line/cone at the exit of turn 2 iRacing will give you a penalty for “Unsafe Pit Exit”. -This rule will not be reviewed by the admin team at any time.
-After qualifying run is completed drivers must return to pit road and park their vehicle in their assigned pit stall.
-Going backwards on pit road during qualifying will be subject to a penalty

Qualifying conduct will be set to moderate. If you receive a black flag during qualifying, it will not be cleared under any circumstances
-Failure to comply with qualifying rules will result in a DQ from the Qualifying Session and if enough spots are available, you will start at the tail end of the field.(edited)

-Intentional wrecking is not permitted and will be reviewed. All penalties will be assessed following the race
-Lapped cars are expected to yield to lead lap cars. Lapped cars yielding to lead lap cars should stay out of the preferred line. Lapped cars should take the high lane at superspeedway races. If you absolutely have to take the apron, you are required to maintain your vehicle underneath the yellow line and off of the racing surface. Failure to follow this rule will result in a 1 lap penalty if a wreck is caused.
-The leader may choose which line to start in. The leader needs to let the field know before you cross the start finish line with one to green.
-Racing starts/resumes when the green flag drops. Jumping the start will be reviewed and a green flag pass through may be given. You may pass another driver before the start/finish line if a check-up occurs.
-Any driver who jumps a restart and does not get issued an in-race penalty will receive a 5 point penalty.
-Bump drafting in the corners/tri ovals is unnecessary and a 30 second green flag hold in the pits penalty will be given if a wreck occurs.
-Should a wreck occur, do your best to SLOW DOWN and avoid it. Please do not hit the gas and bulldoze through it.
-If you are forced onto the apron or below the racing surface during green flag conditions DO NOT force yourself back onto the track. Stay on the apron and fall back in line when it is safe to do so.

If a wreck involving a chase driver(s) occurs during the final lap of any elimination race, the final positions will be scored by iracing regardless of who is at fault.
No drivers are permitted to go below the apron on a restart before reaching the start/finish line unless it is to avoid causing a wreck. Any driver who does not follow this rule will receive a green flag pass through penalty
-There shall be NO PASSING below the yellow line at Daytona or Talladega unless you are forced down. You will be issued an EOL if you advance your position by passing below the line at any time during the race. If you advance your position by going below the yellow line on any lap(unless you are forced down), the replay will be reviewed after the race and you will be given a 10 point penalty.
Laying back on restarts to gain positions will be reviewed after the race and a 10 point penalty will be assessed per each incident.
-(rule change) intentionally wrecking after the race is prohibited. Race winners are allowed to do the customary burnout celebration. Team mates are allowed to participate with the approval of the winner and race control. If you choose to intentionally wreck after the competition of the race a 10 point penalty will be assessed for violating this rule, along with a 1 week suspension. Second violation will be removal from the league. This rule is put in place so other drivers completing their race are not affected by your actions.

-Pace car speed should be maintained at all times under caution. If you start causing an accordion you will be given an EOL.
-Failure to maintain pace speed will result in an EOL being issued.
-Vehicles should maintain a single file formation until instructed by iracing to go 2 wide with one lap to green. If you choose to drive off course during a caution, you will be given an EOL for not staying on the track. This includes bus stops, grass, etc.
-During cautions, stay in the low line to allow wave around cars and the lucky dog recipient to pass on the high side. This will help shorten up the caution periods.
-There will be NO admin cautions thrown, unless an incident happens and is deemed by a non-racing admin to be absolutely necessary and iRacing does not throw the flag.
-If you are involved in an accident in the final laps of a race, you must cross the finish line at the checkered flag under your own power. you must be able to maintain pace speed under your own power. you may not be pushed by another driver. If you are pushed to the finish by another car/truck, both drivers will be placed in last place on their respective lap.

-Wrecked racecars will be given an EOL if they can not maintain pace speed. If you are driving slowly on the apron due to severe damage, please ask Race control for an eol. This will prevent unnecessary black flags from being issued to cars that pass you.
-If you can not make it back to pit road while maintaining pace speed you must tow your vehicle. Failure to follow this rule will result in a green flag pass through penalty.


If for any reason you are suspended, you are suspended from both the League and Signature Esports Events for the specified period of time. This includes spotting, practicing, special events, etc.
Causing an avoidable incident(causing yellow flag) – eol
second offense – Parked for the Remainder of the Race

If a driver causes an avoidable incident within the first lap of a start or restart, that driver will receive a 30 second green flag hold in pits. If the same driver causes another avoidable incident(bringing out a caution) during any point of the same race after this, that driver will be dq’d for the session.

Intentional Wrecking -25 point penalty
second offense dq and 1 week suspension(both series)
third offense you will be removed from the league

Causing 2 or more cautions in a race – Parked for the remainder of the race.
Using iracing glitch -dq and removal from league

Intentionally causing a caution – intentionally spinning out/crashing to help yourself or a teammate will result in loss of all session points and a 1 week suspension
second offense you will be removed from the league

Failure to yield to lead lap car causing incident – 30 second green flag hold in pits
second offense(season)- dq
third offense(season)- removal from league

Causing another driver to get a black flag – 30 second green flag hold in pits

If a driver is dq’d from 2 or more races for any reason they will be removed from the league

If for any reason you are dq’d from a race, you will lose all race and bonus points for that race

Admin Reviewed incidents
All race incidents are reviewed by admins and points penalties may be assessed as follows:

-Hard braking – 5 point penalty per car involved

-Jumping restart – 5 point penalty and win taken away
(if necessary)

-Passing before the start/finish line – 5 point penalty and win taken away (if necessary)
-Causing an avoidable incident – 5 point penalty per car involved

-Superspeedway blocking causing an incident – 5 point penalty per car involved Unless it is 2 to go

-Passing below the yellow at SS tracks – 15 point penalty
(passing stopped or wrecking cars to avoid an incident is ok)

-Actions detrimental to the league – 25 points(edited)



-Pole Position + 5 Points
-Leading a Lap + 1 Point
-Leading Most Laps + 5 Points
-Fastest Race Lap + 1 point
-“NVIDIA” hard charger award +1 point (gain the most positions)
-Clean award (Finishing a complete Race with 0 incident points/must complete 75% or race)+1 point
-Win Race – locked in the chase as long as you are in the top 16 in points.(edited)

-Please enter and exit pit road safely and enter your pit box within 4-5 pit boxes of your stall. Failure to comply will result in an eol
-You must stay on the apron after exiting pit road until you reach the blue cone. Failure to do so will result in a black flag issued to you by iracing. this will not be cleared by admins!
-Anyone using the fast repair glitch will be permanently removed from the league and may not reapply.
-Racing a competitor leaving pit road is permitted, however, if you get a speeding penalty black flags will not cleared!

Signature Series Chase Setup/Rules –

The chase will consist of 16 drivers and has three rounds -Substitute drivers are not permitted for chase drivers at any point during the chase! -You must compete in 8 regular season races to be eligible for the cup chase -Drivers with a win and in the top 16 in points are automatically qualified for the chase.

The remainder of the chase field will be set via season points standings for drivers without a win until we have 16 drivers. In the event of a tiebreaker, we will go by the amount of total top 5’s. If we need another tiebreaker we will use total top 10’s Regular season wins will count for 5 points in the first round up to 20 total points. -The first 3 rounds of the chase will consist of 2 races. the final round will be 1 race. There will be no bonus points issued during the final race and it will be a heads up race. If you win a race during the first 3 rounds of the chase, the winning driver will automatically advance to the next round. Winning a chase race will not give you any additional bonus points towards the next round

Round one will consist of 16 drivers(points reset at 2,000 + 5 points for each race win) and will be two races. The lowest Four(4) at the end of round one will be eliminated from the chase

Round two will consist of 12 drivers(points reset at 3,000 + 5 points for each race win) and will be two races. The lowest Four(4) at the end of round two will be eliminated from the chase

Round three will consist of 8 drivers. (points reset at 4,000 points + 5 points for each race win) and will be two races. The lowest Four(4) at the end of round two will be eliminated from the chase)

Round 4 this is a heads up race with no bonus points for the 4 chase drivers. again, no bonus points are issued during the final race!

The highest finisher will be the champion!

-The following scenarios warrant black flags being cleared: passing a car under caution that can not maintain pace speed, entering the pits to avoid a wreck. There may be additional circumstances to this rule and will be reviewed and corrected as soon as possible at our discretionBlack flags/penalties will be cleared as soon as it is reasonable for race control to take such action. All black flags/wave arounds will be reviewed after the race. If you are found to have taken advantage of this system and have a black flag cleared and/or issued a wave around you will be scored in last place for the session and begin the next race you participate in with a green flag pass through. 2nd offense will result in a 1 week suspension.
Black flags will not be cleared during green flag conditions. if you receive a black flag and have to serve a penalty, the admins will issue a wave around during the next caution. The driver that caused you to receive a black flag will be penalized per our rule book.

RACE CHAT/discord
-Race chat should be used to communicate with other drivers regarding the race. Any personal conversation should be conducted in your personal discord channel. We will be using discord and can create a private team channel at your request.
-Use of discord during the race is required as our broadcaster interviews random drivers during caution periods and interviews the top 3 finishers after the race. you are required to participate in post race interviews if you finish in the top 3.
-There will be absolutely zero arguing about penalties during the race. Penalties can be appealed after the race.
-If you choose to engage in arguments on race chat, you will be told by an admin to stop. If you continue to argue after your warning you will be disqualified for the race and all points for the event will be forfeited.
-Any comments deemed overly disrespectful/hateful to an admin or another racer will result in you being disqualified and banned from the session for the first offense. Second offense you will be removed from the league.
-this can and will not be appealed. you may reapply to the league at the conclusion of the season. if admins decide to let you re-enter the league, it will be on a permanent probationary basis. If you violate this rule again, you will be banned for life.
[2:39 PM]
Cyber bullying is not welcome in this league. Any member who violates this rule will be removed from the league. This includes race chat, all social media platforms, discord, etc.
-Any driver that is not in discord prior to qualifying will be disqualified and removed from the session
-Your connection to the server is not controlled or maintained by the Signature Esports. If you experience connection issues during any event there is nothing we can do to help you. If you are disconnected you may re-enter the server. however, no wave arounds will be given.
-If you are asked to drop to the back of the field due to connection issues, and you fail to do so in a timely manner, you will be disqualified and removed from the session and receive no points for the event (including bonus points).
-If your car is blinking and the issue isn’t corrected in a timely manner, you will be asked to drop to the back of the field until the issue is corrected. If the issue continues and it causes an accident during the race session, you will be asked to park your car in the pits. You will not be penalized for having to park it.
-If you have to park your car due to connection issues, you will earn points for the position you are scored in at the conclusion of the race.

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