S.E.R.S. Rules


1. Teams/Entries/Drivers

#1.1 Entries

An entry for the Championship is for the whole season, which means all events on the schedule.

A Team may have a maximum of two 4 entries in each race.

In case of less than 30 confirmed entries for the championship 5 days before the first race, the Championship will be cancelled.


#1.2 Entry requirements

Entries are able to change the roster between event weekends. See article 2.7 how to update the roster.


#1.3 Driver requirements

All drivers must meet the following minimum requirements at the time of registration:

Driver Fees and Registration must completed on the website at SignatureEsports.com

R 2.5 or higher road license

A driver can only be registered to one (1) entry at a time.

Drivers may be swapped in and out the same roster. This is not considered an entry change.


#1.4 Car selection

Teams have the ability to switch cars (within the class) until the race deadline.

This deadline is between pre-qualifying and the first event of the season.

The deadline will be communicated to the Teams separately.

The final choice of car is locked for the entire season.


#1.5 Car numbers

Each class will have a range of numbers available that the teams can choose from.

Class Car number range

GT3 2-99

GTE 102-199

LMP 202-299


Numbers are given on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The team that completes its registration first, gets priority.

Number 1 is reserved for the reigning champion in GT3 class.

Number 101 is reserved for the reigning champion in GTE class.

Number 201 is reserved for the reigning champion in LMP class.


#1.6 Entry fees

Teams register drivers, for the Team Championship. There is a 5 entry fee per team driver.

The entry fee is $15 per driver, for the overall class championship, which is one car in one of the three classes.


The team manager will receive information and instruction for payment, after approval from the organisation.


Any entry fee received by the organisation, after the start of the season, remains acquired and will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

This includes disciplinary actions leading to the disqualification and banning of members.


#1.7 No-shows and withdrawals

Entries may miss up to one (2) race in the season, if they give prior notice.

When an entry misses a second race, the entry will receive a 20 pt penalty and a 5 pt team penalty.

The notification must be submitted in writing (via Discord).

The deadline for submitting the notice is 7:30 PM EST on the the date of the event

If an entry doesn’t show up at a race without notice, the entry will receive a 20 pt penalty, 5 pt team penalty, and a 1 week suspension.


2. Registration procedure

#2.1 Registering entries

An entry will be confirmed by the organisation once:

The entry form is submitted

The entry fee is fully paid

Entry applications must be submitted through the official entry form on SignatureEsports.com.

All accepted entries will be confirmed in writing.


#2.2 Required entry information

The organisation requires the following information from all entries:

Entry name

Car number

Team id

Class of the entry

Preferred car number


#2.3 Required driver information

The organisation requires the following information from all drivers:


iRating at the time of registration

Driver Class

License Level


#2.4 Registering entry with an invitation

The top six (6) entries in each class from SIGNATURE ESPORTS ROAD SERIES season 1 earned an invitation for season 2.

An entry with an invitation may apply to any of the classes. Only the first seven (7) entries that apply to a class will be guaranteed a spot in that class. An entry may specify a primary and secondary class to which they want to apply.

Each entry with an invitation has fourteen (14) days from a set date to complete their registration. After this period the invitation will expire and will become available for a new team.

The invitation may only be accepted when it meets the following requirements:

At least one (1) driver from last season remains.

The entry from prior season remains the same.

The entry must have the same team manager as previous season or one (1) driver from previous season must be the new team manager.

A team that no longer qualifies under these new rules can apply for ‘force majeure’ to be judged by the organisation on a per-case basis.

The organisation reserves the right to deny any entry for any reason.

When registering, the invitation teams must make sure to comply with the rules. It is solely by the discretion of the organiseres to decide if the invitation is valid based on the regulations.


#2.5 Registering a new entry

Teams who do not have an invitation will have to participate in pre-qualifying.

The goal of pre-qualifying is to make a selection for the remaining available spots on the grid.

The number of available spots will be determined after teams with an invitation have registered.

After the entries have been selected as a result of pre-qualifying, they will have to complete the registration (paying entry fee, filling out details etc.). If they don’t complete the registration in 48 hours, the spot will go to the next entry in line.

The organisation can, upon request, give more detailed reasoning to decisions from the pre-qualification session, either verbally or written. This should however, be regarded as a statement, and no further discussion will be entered into the decision.


#2.6 Event Pre-qualifying procedure

Each class gets, when necessary, its own pre-qualifying sessions.

Multiple sessions will be available throughout the day.

Start times of the sessions:

Session 1: 16:00 EST 

Session 2: 18:00 EST

Session 3: 20:00 EST

All sessions have the same settings:

Track (layout): Will be according to the event schedule

Practice session duration: 30 minutes

Qualifying session duration: 90 minutes

Time of day: Afternoon

Track Start State: 0%

Weather: iRacing default:

Temperature: 78ºF/26ºC

Humidity: 55

Wind speed: 2 MPH/3 KPH

Wind direction: N

Sky: Clear skies

Dynamic Sky: ON

Dynamic weather: ON

Each driver wanting to be considered for the race must drive a stint of at least Five (5) consecutive clean timed laps. The fastest five (5) consecutive clean timed laps will serve as the reference stint time for the driver.

Only drivers on the roster of the entry may participate. 

Drivers from the same team do not need to participate in the same session.

Teams are allowed to field more drivers, only the four (4) fastest driver’s times are counted.

Drivers may participate in multiple sessions, in an attempt to improve their time. Only the times from the last participated session will be considered for each driver.

When a driver enters a new session, the times from the previous session will be revoked.

The average of best stint times (best stint time of each driver) will serve as reference for grid position of the entries.


#2.7 Updating the roster

To add a new driver during the season, please Fill out a Driver Registration form on the Signature Esports Website at SignatureEsports.com

Driver Fees must be paid at this time as well (if applicable).

Team Rosters must be resubmitted through the Website at this time. driver:


3. Championship


#3.1 Calendar

For the official and actual calendar, visit SignatureEsports.com/Sers-schedule


#3.2 Event schedule

Detailed time tables of the event will be provided in advance.

24 Hour Endurance events schedule are subject to change, when necessary.


#3.3 Classes

The Championship has three classes:

GT3-Audi R8 LMS, Mercedes AMG GT3, Ferrari 488 GT3

GTE-BMW M8 GTE,  Ferrari 488 GTE,  Porsche 911 RSR



#3.4 Eligible cars

The cars eligible for the Championship are:

GT3-Audi R8 LMS, Mercedes AMG GT3, Ferrari 488 GT3

GTE-BMW M8 GTE,  Ferrari 488 GTE,  Porsche 911 RSR


The admins may balance the GT3 and GTE classes manually with ballast, power adjustments and/or fuel restrictions.


#3.5 Championship

The following championship titles will be awarded at the conclusion of the season:

GT3 class championship 

GTE class championship

LMP class championship

There are no drop races. Every race counts for the championship.

The championship points will go to the entry and not the drivers.


#3.6 Points structure

Points for the championship are awarded at each race for each class according to the following scale:

Position Points Position Points

1 30 9 18

2 25 10 17

3 24 11 16

4 23 12 15

5 22 13 14

6 21 14 13

7 20 15 12

8 19 16 and beyond 10

Double points will be awarded in the final round. Position 16, and beyond, are rewarded one (10) points.

In order for a team to score championship points, the car must have completed 70% of the season



#3.7 Champion

The entry with the highest number of championship points at the end of the season, in each class, will be declared champion of their class.


#3.8 Dead heat

If two or more teams finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the championship shall be awarded to:

The team with the highest number of wins.

If the number of first places is the same, the team with the highest number of second places and so on until a winner emerges.

In case of a further tie the criterion for breaking the tie is by comparing the quickest race lap time in all races for both teams. The team with the most fastest lap times emerges as winner.


#3.9 Prizes

Prize money

The prize money will be proportionally lowered if the number of registrations is less than 60 entries.

The Championship Team manager will receive the team championship prize money and is responsible for distribution. 

Class champions will receive their payouts directly.

For each class the following prize money is available: TBD based on registrations

Position Prize


The top 6 of each class earn an invitation for next season.


#3.10 Event sessions

All series events take place on US servers, unless exceptional circumstances prevent this from occurring.

All series events are Fixed setup events.

All sessions hosted by the organisation are team sessions.

Teams are expected to connect to the server with the correct team, with the right team ID, car, and car number.

The sessions for round 6 of the championship will have a different schedule. This will be provided well in advance of the event.

All series event starts are rolling starts.

The weather of each series event is set to dynamic weather.

The skies are set to dynamic.

Grid size is limited to 60 cars.

Track state is set to 0 from start. Marbles are cleaned between sessions.


4. Race events


#4.1 Practice

The practice sessions are driver and team sessions.

The purpose of these sessions is to make sure various things work:


car number

Teams are encouraged to join at least one of the practice sessions with the correct team.

There are no live stewards present for the full duration of the practice sessions.


#4.2 Warm-up

The practice session prior to the race on race days is called warm-up.

It is expected that all drivers have completed sufficient practice prior to the race and are able to drive safely, and in an appropriate manner, to ensure safe and fair competition.

Drivers driving in an unsafe manner will be warned and, up to discretion of the stewards, may not be allowed to race. During warm-up, pit and on track conducts are the same as during the race.



It is very important every entry connects with the correct team ID, car, and car number on race day. If a team fails to connect with the correct team ID and/or car number, at the discretion of stewards, a penalty may go as far as exclusion of the car.


The team id is linked to the livery, live timing, and TV graphics. When the team id is incorrect, the fore-mentioned things will not work.


The team member who made the mistake, is not able to drive in the race. That’s a limitation of the iRacing software, because it does not allow a driver to be registered to multiple entries in the same server.


Teams registering the entry with the wrong car number or team id, will receive a penalty from the stewards.

Teams registering the entry with the wrong car, will be disqualified from the event.


#4.3 Pre-race briefing

On race day, between the warm-up and qualifying session, there will be a meeting for race control, team managers, and drivers.

In this meeting the teams have the opportunity for final questions.

For the pre-race briefing, all team managers must be in the Briefing room channel on Discord, to make sure everyone is updated.

No cars are allowed on the track during the pre-race briefing.


#4.4 Weekly Season Qualifying

The qualifying session, that will determine the starting grid, is a multi car session divided in four parts:

One 10 minutes session reserved for GT3 class.

One 10 minutes session reserved for GTE class.

One 10 minutes session reserved for LMP class.

One 10 minutes session reserved for ADMIN APPROVED Late Qualifiers.

The qualifying sessions are separated by a 5 minute break.

Cars that cross the finish line before their allotted time is over are allowed to finish their lap.

It is forbidden to stop the car on track and tow back to the pits in the qualifying session.

Entries may switch drivers during the qualifying session.

During qualifying session it is prohibited to go on track while it’s the turn of another class. Race Control notifies the teams when their respective sessions are open through iRacing chat.

Cars who don’t set a time start at the back of their class. This will be handled by the iRacing software.


#4.5 Gridding

The grid is sorted by time.

The gridding period gives teams the opporunity to grid their cars for the start of the formation lap.

The grid time will be determined by iRacing.

Cars who have to start from pit lane shall not grid and wait for the “missed start” button to be shown on the launch screen. Any cars that have to start from the pits must wait for the last car on track to pass pit exit before exiting the pits. It is the responsibility of the team to give the signal for their driver to join the track during team events.


#4.6 Formation lap

During the formation lap drivers should follow the car in front, or the pace car, at a steady speed and distance.

Excessive weaving to warm up tyres is prohibited, as it creates potential hazards to other drivers and provides minimal benefit.

LMP, GTE, and GT3 class pole sitters are expected to maintain a gap of 2 second to the next class in front during the formation lap.


#4.7 Start

When the safety car has pulled away, the pole position car will be responsible for maintaining the speed towards the starting area.

The LMP class pole sitter starts the race by accelerating when the green banner or signal is given in iracing. The Race Steward will then call the the next class to start 2 seconds after the class in front accelerates forward. So on until all classes are underway

Once the class leaders are in control of the field they must ensure that their actions do not cause issues of safety for those behind them, for example slowing down again. When causing dangerous situations, a penalty is at the discretion of the stewards.

A class is racing under green flag when the class pole sitter accelerates. Passing other cars during the start of a race is not allowed unless the leader has passed the start/finish marker.

Cars starting from pits must wait at the end of pit lane at pit exit until the last car has gone by pit exit (excluding any cars involved in incidents prior to pit exit on lap 1 on track).


#4.8 Pit Stops

Any driver intending to leave the track or to enter the pit lane make sure that it is safe to do so.

The beginning and end of the pit area will be defined precisely on each circuit.

Pit lane speed limit is set by iRacing and enforcing of the speed limit is done automatically by iRacing.

Pit lane is divided into two areas:

“Fast lane”: this is the lane closest to the pit wall.

“Working area”: this is the part closest to the garage and where the pit stop is performed.

In pit lane, a driver should stay in the fast lane, until they arrive at their own pit stall.

Cars in the fast lane have priority over those leaving the working area.

On exiting pit lane, drivers are required to follow the natural pit exit lane, and join the track in a safe manner after the pit exit merges with the main track.


#4.9 Driving Time

Team Driving Events-The minimum driving time for each driver is 15.0% of the entry’s total laps.

The minimum number of laps is calculated as follows:

0.15 * total laps entry


#4.10 Safety Car

Only under very special circumstances may the safety car be deployed. This is at discretion of the race director.

During the safety car period, there will be no manual wave arounds.

When the safety car is deployed, the pitlane will be closed.

After the first pace lap, the pitlane opens for LMP cars on the first Pit Lap, followed by GTE, and finally GT3. Cautions will be extended for this purpose.

Cars exiting pit lane are required to wait until all cars on track have passed pit exit.

Restarts are single file, with the lapped cars in position according to iracing.


#4.11 Red flag

When the iRacing session crashes and the majority of the competitors and race control lose connection, a red flag will be called by race control.

The full red flag procedure can be found in Appendix 1.

Driver changes are allowed during a red flag.


#4.12 Finish of the race

The checkered flag wil be given to the lead car when it completes its first lap at the finish line after the completion of the race time.

After each driver takes the checkered flag, they should exit their car in a manner that doesn’t impede the other drivers. Drivers are encouraged to finish the cooldown lap and stop in their pit stall.

The winners of each class are allowed to do burnouts or donuts, as long they don’t impede other drivers.

At no point on the cooldown lap may drivers cause contact with others with the intention of showing retaliation. Any driver found doing so will be penalised in the final results, at the discretion of the stewards.


#4.13 Classification

Only cars which completed a minimum of 60% of the laps of the class leader will be classified/scored. This is also applicable for cars which have not taken the checkered flag.

Any possible post-race penalties may influence wether a car is classified or not.

There will be a class/winner and overall classification/winner.


#4.14 Race results

All results are provisional until they are confirmed by the organisation.


5. Driving conduct


#5.1 General

It is expected that all drivers within the series race in a fair, honest manner, paying consideration to other drivers on the race track. They shall not commit any action that may bring the league into disrepute.

All drivers, and team members, should treat other drivers, team members, and race control with respect at all times, not just on track, but also outside the race sessions. Any driver failing to observe this may be penalised at the discretion of the stewards, which may go as far as exclusion of the driver.

Drivers are expected to treat other members within the series in a courteous manner at all times. Drivers using insulting, threatening, racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other form of derogatory behaviour, either in written or spoken format, in the league race server or otherwise will face severe penalties, up to and including exclusion from the league.


#5.2 Passing

It is the responsibility of both the overtaking driver and the driver being overtaken to assure safe overtaking.

The ‘driver of the faster car’ is responsible for safe and sporting overtaking of the ‘driver of the slower car’.

The ‘driver of the slower car’ is expected to to hold a consistent and predictable line.

It’s not allowed to gain an advantage in an unfair manner, e.g. exceeding track limits or car contact. An unclear situation is not an opportunity for advantage and may be penalized at the discretion of race control. A penalty may avoided by giving back the position or time.


#5.3 Blocking

A driver may not move in reaction, altering the line based on the actions of the pursuing car, or select a defensive line and move back to the racing line in the braking zone.


#5.4 Incidents and towing

Any driver who, in the opinion of the stewards, is responsible for: an incident where a car spins, or goes off-track, or suffers other mechanical difficulty requiring it to pit directly for repairs, or an incident of contact resulting in a change of position, may be warned or penalised.

In the event of an incident, it is a driver’s, and their team, responsibility to assess if it is safe for them to resume racing or not.

A driver who has sustained damage may drive back to pit lane under their own power if able to do so. The following rules apply when driving back to the pit lane with damage:

The driver must be able to steer the car in both directions.

The driver must be able to control the car in such a way that he would not create a further incident.

The driver must be able to maintain a speed of at least 50% the racing pace.

Where the driver’s speed is above 80% of the racing pace, the driver may directly follow the iRacing procedure for dealing with damage (Meatball) flag. However, if the driver’s speed is below 80% of the class racing pace, the driver must pit at the first possible opportunity (The next time the driver can enter the pits).

If a driver is unable to drive their car back to the pits under their own power, it is their responsibility to tow as quickly as possible so as not to impede the racing surface.

If a car on a consistent basis runs lap times slower than 112% of the class leader’s fastest lap time, the car may be disqualified.


#5.5 Unjustifiable risk

Any driver who creates a dangerous situation, e.g. unsafe rejoin of the track after a spin or incident, may be warned or penalised.


#5.6 Deliberate contact

Making contact and collisions with another car on purpose will be penalised.


#5.7 Track limits

The racing surface is defined by iRacing.

Race control monitors off-tracks of all cars.

All cars must stay in contact with the racing surface with at least half a car at all times. Drivers may not leave the racing surface on a consistent basis in the same corners or different places on the track.

When a car exceeds a predefined limit of off-tracks, the car shall be warned or penalised.

First time exceeding the limit: warning

Second time exceeding the limit: time penalty

All 1x incidents, direct (1x) or indirect (0x -> 1x), are counted towards the limit.

Going outside the racing surface is only allowed when entering/leaving pit lane or to avoid a wreck.

Drivers leaving the racing surface may not improve their position at any time over other running cars or pass slower class traffic. Drivers must also concede position if leaving the racing surface stops another car from overtaking them in this short part of the track.

Cars on the track may use any portion of the pit exit that is part of the racing surface.

While a portion of pit exit may be part of the track surface, cars on the racetrack must be aware of cars rejoining while exiting the pits. Any contact that occurs as a result of a car exiting the pit may be penalised and a penalty is at the discretion of race control.


#5.8 Blue flags

A blue flags indicates faster cars are approaching. This flag is informational only.

Article 5.2 explain what is expected from both parties.

In the qualifying sessions, a driver who receives a blue flag is expected not interfere the car behind them.


#5.9 Yellow flag

The purpose of the yellow flag is to warn drivers of a dangerous situation ahead.

It is advised that drivers are prepared to take action, including but not limited to: slowing down, stopping, evading, etc.


#5.10 Rejoining the track

Drivers leaving the track must re-join the race in a safe manner.

Taking a short cut may result in a penalty at discretion of the stewards.


6. Communications

#6.1 General

Official in-race announcements from race control will be done via iRacing over the @RACECONTROL radio channel.


Using text or voice chat on the @drivers, @allteams and @club channels are prohibited during the race or qualifying session. Penalty for using chat during race sessions is at the discretion of the stewards.


It is prohibited to send direct messages to the driver of another entry during qualifying and the race. Penalty for sending private messages is at discretion of the stewards.


#6.2 Discord

Signature E-sports has a Discord server available for teams, drivers, broadcasters, as well as fans.

The Signature E-Sports Discord Server can be found at the following link: https://discord.gg/9TmYunN

All team members are expected to be available on the Signature E-Sports Discord server during the race.

Race control uses text messages to contact teams directly through Discord.

Race control may summon a team member to the stewards (voice channel on Discord).

The team is expected to reply to messages, questions, or requests from race control.


#6.3 Drivers briefing document

On Wednesday before each series event weekend all team managers and drivers receive the drivers briefing from the organisation by email.

The drivers briefing contains important and latest information about the upcoming event for all drivers and crew chiefs.

Team managers are responsible for ensuring all team members received the briefing


7. Race control/Penalties


#7.1 General

All series’ events will have live race control, consisting of one or multiple stewards monitoring on-track activity.


Race control has the ability to hand out penalties to drivers who fail to drive in a clean, fair manner, act recklessly, or otherwise affect the spirit of competition within this league.


Race control may remove drivers off the track if they feel that their speed/lap times are too slow, or if they pose a risk to other drivers due to their driving or internet connection. In this case, a driver will first be warned and given time to correct this. In the event the issue persists, the driver shall be ordered to retire from the race and be replaced by another driver from the team in the car.


#7.2 Incident review procedure

Race control may review incidents when:


the stewards witness an incident live

iRacing registers a car contact (4x)

a team reports an incident.

The stewards aim to interview all involved parties when necessary. Teams must have at least one team member available at all times. If a team is not replying, their perspective will not be considered.


The race director informs the entry of the infringement and penalty. The decision is also published on the digital notice board.


Incident happening within the last 10 minutes of the race are reviewed post-race. If a penalty is given, the duration of the penalty will be added to the total race time.


Any decisions made by race control during a race are final. Drivers or teams may not argue with the decisions of race control during a race.


#7.3 Reporting an incident

Entries may report incidents to race control or Series Ownership via the incident report form on SignatureEsports.com


The entry who is reporting must be directly involved in the incident.


The report must be submitted within 12 hours after the race.


Entries are encouraged to look on the notice board before reporting an incident. Race control may already have noted the incident.


The report should be submitted in writing and must contain the following information:


car(s) involved

the nature of the incident

timestamp for the incident (timestamps can be found in the replay toolbar)



Incomplete or incorrect reports are discarded without notice.


#7.4 Penalties

Following penalties may be imposed by race control:


Disqualification from qualifying

Starting from the pits

Time Penalty

Lap Penalty

Drop of positions in the classification


Any other penalties at discretion of the stewards

Penalties are given to the car number(in team driving events), which means not the individual driver but the complete entry. The Race Director can make exceptions on this (e.g. regarding driving behaviour).


All penalties must be served under green flag conditions.


Time penalties must be served within 2 Laps after the entry is informed about the penalty. If a team/driver doesn’t respect the time frame, the penalty will be doubled. If the team/driver then does not serve the penalty by the second penalty issued they will be disqualified from the event.


Time penalties received during the last 10 minutes of the race:


Each Penalty > 30 seconds: Must be served before the finish of the race. If not served by the entry, the penalty will be doubled and converted into laps at discretion of the race director.

Each Penalty ≤ 30 seconds: If not served by the entry, the penalty time will be processed post-race and added to the entry’s total race time. These time penalties will not be doubled.

Race control shall not reverse penalties generated by iRacing itself (e.g. cutting the course or speeding in the pits), except for force majeure.


A time penalty may be combined with a regular pit stop (taking fuel, tires, driver change, or optional repairs) under green flag conditions.


#7.5 Penalty procedure

After being informed about a penalty, the entry will acknowledge receiving the notification from race control.


To serve the penalty, the car stops in the designated penalty area. The penalty time starts the moment the vehicle comes to a complete stop (0 kmh). Only after the completion of the time penalty the vehicle may leave this area and continue on to the pit box for regular service.


The entry is obligated to see that the time penalty is carried out in the proper manner and at the appropriate place. Race control will only check that the penalty has been served.


After serving the penalty, the entry will notify race control through a text message in Discord.


Race control will check if the penalty is served completely.


Race control uses the video timer to time the penalty.

A tolerance of 0.1 seconds is permitted. A stationary time of 4.9 seconds for a 5 second penalty should therefore be treated as valid, while a time of 4.8 seconds should not.

Time penalties served incorrectly, will be treated as not being served.


The designated penalty area will be pointed out in the drivers briefing document.


Multiple time penalties may be served at once, as long as they are served within the timeframe defined in article 7.4.4.


Teams are not allowed to stop in their own pit box to serve a time penalty enforced by race control.


Penalties given by iRacing (e.g S&G or S&H) must be served within three (3) laps after receiving the black flag. The team must make sure to follow the instructions from iRacing, otherwise the car will be disqualified.


Race control will not correct the added time (by iRacing), when a team decides to combine a S&G/S&H with regular pit stop service.


#7.6 Post race protest

A post-race protest not previously dealt with can be filed after checkered flag has been waved at each racing event and up to 12 hours after. To file a post-race protest, send an email to Jason.Followell@SignatureEsports.com or Brad.Dunson@SignatureEsports.com with the following:


a replay file of only the incident (not the entire session/race)

a brief description of the team’s or driver’s point of view of the incident.

The post-race protest must be filed within one 12 hours after the race event race day. 


The stewards will review the incident and publish the decision in the #notice-board channel on Discord and the league’s topic on the iRacing forum.


Post-race penalties may be appealed by the penalised team/driver only up to 24 hours after being posted. The appeal must be sent to Jason.Followell@SignatureEsports.com or Brad.Dunson@SignatureEsports.com. Decision from the appeal will be posted as soon as possible.

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