Signature Esports has Grown to be an incredible venue for iRacing League Racing and Broadcasts. Along with determining the correct platforms in which we try to reach, we also have started to dabble into some online gaming platforms that we have missed from the past and plan to be apart of in the future.

Partnering with local/commercial businesses, not for profits, and influencers has helped our average reach grow from 7,000 a week to around 44,000 a week. We couldn’t do this without our weekly broadcasts and gaming platform.

Live streaming has been a successful venture for myself but it hasn’t been without the fair share of Hiccups. Someone asked me just the other day about whether or not I would do this again or how they could get started on my path. My advice to them was to not do it. Game and Stream because it’s fun. If you make it about making money, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Have a backup plan and be secure financially. Without that you can’t assume to be the best out there without help from somewhere.

Connect and gain your followers from your friends first. Never find yourself in any other person’s shoes. Make your own path and continue to Grow!

Gaming is a community that I believe allows us to connect when we feel like we should disconnect. I have met hundreds of other gamers out there and I can tell you that it couldn’t be more true that we depend on the social parameters to feel that our message matters. These men and women have skill and confidence behind the screen. They also use these platforms as a way to build self esteem and character that transfers to the real world.

So, as the title says, “What Will 2021 Bring?” I don’t really know. What I do know is that Signature Esports will support and grow with gamers. We will continue to move forward as a premier iRacing League Platform, Gaming Streamer, Gaming Video Creator, and product review influencer. Our mission is simple, to broadcast and stream with community in mind.

Jason Followell
Signature Esports

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