The Drinkin Bros Racing Daytona 150 – Signature eNASCAR Truck Series got off to a strong start before the first caution of the night would unfold. When on lap 9 while entering turn three Jason Hastings driver of the #29 was turned off the nose of Dusty Aplin driver of the number #18, the wreck would collect multiple trucks in the aftermath giving damage to even more.

The Race would continue on for a brief green flag run before the second caution of the night would be brought out when the driver of the #93 Don Milkewicz who was laps down at the time didn’t yield and continued along the bottom line. This left driver of the #45 Eddie Hawks running in the top 10 at the time with nowhere to go. While trying to avoid the lap car who had failed to merge down to the apron, Eddie Hawks would collide with Don Milkewicz and get turned back up the track into the field. This led to a sizeable amount of trucks running in the top 20 at the time to be totaled.

After these strings of cautions, the race would stay green for a short twenty lap stent, however, a close call would come when the leader Michael Woolley driver of the #13 was turned down into the infield by the driver of the #58 Mathew Belt who came down into Woolley who had a nose inside of Belt. Michael miraculously saved his car correcting after sliding through the infield into the pits and out of the pit road exit all while keeping speeds of 175mph. Belt would also save his truck from damage but lost the pack after losing speed coming through the infield on the brakes.

Shortly after the incident on lap 31 between the #13 and #58 the third caution would be thrown on lap 32. This was caused when the driver of the #18 Dusty Aplin who had been involved with the caution on lap 9 tried to squeeze in the middle three-wide between the #88 of Brandon Banks and the #53 of Kevin Delia exiting the trioval on the front stretch. This would be unsuccessful as he would turn Kevin into the wall taking out multiple trucks.

After a long stretch of green flag laps and pit stops our fourth caution of the night would unfold with three to go. In the middle of turn four driver of the #97 Ken Macarthur got a little to close to driver #65 Roswell Harlow taking just enough air off of his back left to spin him around sideways coming out of the corner. This accident collected a handful of cars as well as leading us into the first green-white-checkered.

We would not make it far into the first GWC. The fifth caution of the night would be caused when #97 Ken Macarthur got loose just after passing the start-finish line and come back up the track into the #65 of Roswell Harlow collecting the #24 of Steven Korosec as well.

On the final lap of the second GWC as the leaders entered turn three they would begin to enter and go three-wide for the lead. The #60 of Zak Rinker would be the man stuck in the middle three-wide. As they worked through turn three the #33 of Jesse Pries was being pushed by #5 Nathan Soren when it became too much for Jesse who was forced down the track into #25 Zachary Lima, the top 5 would all come together as a result but only one would be able to power through and take the checkered. That was the #60 of Zak Rinker.

After the spectacular finish, the top finishers would be shaken up drastically the top five are as follows. 1st Zak Rinker 2nd Zachary Lima 3rd Ken Macarthur 4th Mason Flippin 5th Jack Webb.

The Drinkin Bros Racing Daytona 150 was a great start to the Signature eNASCAR Truck Series season, it was action-packed and full of gripping passes and duels for the lead. Each position was a battle to watch, this race is a great sign for the future of the Signature eNASCAR Truck Series.

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